Mountain Conversations Podcast with Jane Lee McCracken

Drawing for the Planet Founder Jane Lee McCracken opens up candidly in this personal interview with Charlie Bingham from Mountain Conversations. Jane uses her skills as an artist and with her commitment and passion, she empowers communities across the planet to care about nature.

With Caspian tigers as a catalyst to her journey, Jane takes us back to her eight year old self stepping up and making a life long promise to do what she could to help protect wildlife. Inspiring all ages to act and preserve nature for future generations, she also shares simple ways to protect the environment both individually and collectively. Listen to the conversation here:

Charlie said:

"Episode 2 features the amazing Jane Lee McCracken of Drawing for the Planet, an inspiring, warm and incredible human. We chatted about using art as a tool to engage people with wildlife and conservation. Jane works closely with Born Free and Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection."

Jane said:

"It was a pleasure to chat with Charlie about our shared passion for nature and hear how much her own small children enjoy drawing and are engaged in conserving wildlife. I'm honoured to have been included in her brilliant podcast and experience her enthusiasm and compassion for the natural world." 

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