As part of our art, environmental education and conservation fundraising projects, artist and Drawing for the Planet Founder Jane Lee McCracken creates artworks featuring global children's Biro (ballpoint pen) drawings created in her workshops.

Jane's artworks are displayed as murals in educational institutions including museums and schools to raise further awareness of vulnerable wildlife and biodiversity loss. We also present prints of the artworks to participating schools for display. Here is a selection of the artworks with project links:

Global, 2023 

Drawing for the Planet features a selection of drawings by global children of over 400 species. The artwork was created to illustrate DftP's impact, mapping countries where schools and conservation organisations have participated in our projects. The map is evolving with the animal drawings changing to full colour as people from more countries take part in our projects. Our mission is to give communities and nature from every country on Earth a voice, and like the page introduction image, for the map to transform to full colour.

England, 2023 

Northumbrian Wildlife features a selection of drawings by North East children created in Jane's workshops at Great North Museum: Hancock for the Art Fund's The Wild Escape. The drawings form a map of Northumberland. As part of this project she also created 9 further artworks for each participating school. Find out more here:

England, 2023 


Liberian Wildlife features drawings 37 drawings by Year 6, Ryhope Junior School, Sunderland of 34 Liberian species. Created as part of DftP's Chimpanzee Community 2 project in partnership with Born Free and Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection the artwork places Western Chimpanzees at the centre of the design surrounded by forest dwelling Liberian wildlife, symbolising these animals dependancy on chimpanzees as a keystone species. Find out more here:

Scotland, 2022 

Born Free Forever features 25 drawings by George Heriot's Primary children, Edinburgh of 25 bronze lion sculptures by artists Gillie and Marc created for Born Free's UK-wide exhibition Born Free Forever. A print of the artwork was presented to George Heriot's and is on display in the school. Find out more here:

Ethiopia, 2022 

Lions of Born Free features 35 Ethiopian children's drawings of international wildlife charity Born Free's lions. Working in partnership with Born Free the artwork was displayed at its Mane Event in 2022. Large prints of the artwork were presented by DftP to each of the 6 participating Ethiopian schools. Born Free received a donation from DftP. Find out more here:

Scotland, 2022 

Kettins Ocean features 28 drawings of 17 marine species by Primary 4-7 children from Kettins Primary School, Blairgowrie, Scotland. A large print of the artwork was presented to Kettins Primary and is on display in the school library. Find out more about the project and how you can help protect marine wildlife here:

England, 2022 

Cramlington Wildlife (2022) features 288 drawings of 65 species by years 3-6 children from Cramlington Village Primary School, Northumberland, England. The mural was presented to Cramlington Primary and is on display in the school Hall.As part of the project the Northumberland Wildlife Trust received a donation from DftP. Find out more here:

Great North Museum: Hancock, 2021

Where Did All the Animals Go? exhibition of 700 global children's drawings of over 400 species is on permanent display at Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle upon Tyne. Find out more here: