Our Projects


We care passionately about art, education and nature and our grass-roots projects aim to inspire hope for a more inclusive and compassionate world where all species can co-exist and thrive. Nature is something we all share and has the power to unite us. Our projects are for everyone and provide time to learn about and appreciate nature and encourage the creativity within all of us to flourish. 

Through our workshop and exhibition programmes, our flagship project Where Did All the Animals Go? continues to expand, reaching more children and communities across the planet. Since 2019 Jane has worked with thousands of children and adults to create drawings for our exhibitions and murals.
Our satellite projects in partnership with frontline conservation organisations, provide neighbouring schools and communities with the opportunity to learn about their vital work and celebrate the species they protect through the creation of drawings and new artworks. In 2022 we partnered with Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection to raise awareness of the plight of our closest living relatives, chimpanzees. Our youth project ambassadors assist with our projects. 
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Our Project Structure


Where Did All the Animals Go?

Our flagship project provides thousands of children
with the opportunity to create drawings for our exhibitions.



Satellite Projects

We partner with frontline conservation organisations
to raise awareness of the species they protect. Through
tailored projects like Chimpanzee Community 2 with
Liberia Chimpanzee Rescue and Protection we create the opportunity
for nearby schools and communities, and schools and communities
in other countries to learn about their vital work.



 Workshop Program

Our program delivers environmental education
and art workshops to people across the world, nurturing
compassion towards wildlife and self-expression
through drawing.



Online Galleries

We encourage all ages to get involved and
create and submit drawings of wildlife which
we feature in our Wild Postcard Gallery.
We also catalogue every drawing featured
in our exhibitions and murals, creating
an ever growing archive of art and animals
for our online exhibition and project galleries.


"Everyone can draw!"