2021 Malaysia Gallery


Where did all the Animals Go? 2021 by Jane Lee McCracken in partnership with Born Free exhibits printed vinyls of original Biro drawings by 700 children from North East England, California, Kenya, Guyana and Malaysia, who participated in Jane’s workshops. The exhibition is on permanent display in the Living Planet Gallery, Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle upon Tyne, England. 

This online gallery features all drawings created by 206 children from nine schools in Sarawak. Jane curated a selection of drawings by children from each school for the Malaysian species display at the museum. She worked with the WDATAG? Malaysia Outreach Team including Dr Melvin Gumal, Head of Biodiversity Conservation and Research Division and Bistari Mahmood, Head of Community Engagement, Sarawak Forestry Corporation. Despite COVID-19 restrictions Bistari and her team worked tirelessly to deliver workshops in November 2021 and ensure participating children were given the opportunity to make their drawings.

Malaysian children's drawings display, Where Did All the Animals Go? exhibition at Great North Museum Hancock © Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums 

The following text is from the museum display key panel. Framed drawings are those exhibited in the museum. Visit the 2021 Gallery to view Jane's curated selection of drawings from the entire exhibition.


Sarawak is the largest state in Malaysia. Also known as ‘Land of the Hornbills’, Sarawak’s tropical rainforests, mountains and coastlines are home to a huge variety of life, some of which is found nowhere else on earth. Sarawak’s dense forest canopy is home to many species of birds and primates, including rhinoceros hornbill and the critically endangered orangutan, one of our closest living relatives. 

Why does this wall look different? 

You may notice there are fewer animal species represented on this wall, as well as different art mediums being used to create the drawings. The global pandemic has been challenging for us all. For Where Did all The Animals Go?’s Malaysia Outreach Team it meant complications to supply chains and difficulties in delivering workshops. Despite this, the amazing Malaysia Team ran virtual art and education workshops with 206 incredible Malaysian children and young people from Sarawak, allowing them to learn about and connect with some of Sarawak’s most iconic and threatened wild animals. 

The drawings were installed by Jane and Colin Lowrey of Incite Design on 23 March 2022. Watch the installation time-lapse video:



Orangutan Pongo pygmaeus CRITICALLY ENDANGERED


Artist: Irwansyah Year 6 


Artist: Nur Huda Year 5


Artist: Anis Year 5 


Artist: Mohamed Amrullah Year 6


Artist: Abdul Ariel Year 4 


Artist: Faqruz Daniel Year 6



Artist: Iman Year 6 


Artist: Rabiatul Year 6


Artist: Nur Arfa Year 4  


Artist: Aniq Year 4


Artist: Farid Year 6 


Artist: Masyiqah Year 4


Artist: Nur Qhasidah Year 5 


Artist: Nur Salma Year 6


Artist: Mohammad Adam Year 4


Artist: Muziezatty Year 6


Artist: Danisha Year 6


Artist: Aina Year 5

Artist: Adam Year 4




Artist: Dayang Year 6


Artists left to right: Sofea Year 6 and Farish Year 6


Artists left to right: Fahrell Year 6 and Hazziq Year 4



Artists left to right: Nur Irdina Year 6 and Harith Year 5


Artists left to right: Puteri Nia Year 4 and Amsyar Year 6



Artists left to right: Shariffah Year 6 and Angelina Year 5



Orangutan Pongo pygmaeus CRITICALLY ENDANGERED


Artist: Gerrard Year 6 


Artist: Christina Year 6


Artist: Hadif Year 5


Artist: Viviennne Year 6 



Artist: Nursanaa Year 6 


Artist: Nur Syasya Year 5 


Artist: Dayang Izuani Year 6


Artist: Qistina Year 4


Artist: Gabriella Year 6



Artist: Claudya 5 Bestari


Artist: Paullinus Year 5 





Artist: Hanis Year 4 





Artist: Nur Aisya Year 


 Artists left to right: Nur Iffah Year 6 and Nor Zaqree Year 4


Artists left to right: Ollivia Elvira and Zensean Year 6


Artists left to right: Mohammad Syafiq Year 5 and Emanuell Hamilton Year 


Artists left to right: Que Zikry Year 5 and Alif Year 6




Artists left to right: Alvin Year 6 and Mohamad Aqil Rayyan Year 5 



 Artists left to right: Zacchaeus Year 6 and Nor Haiqal Year 4



Green Turtle Chelonia mydas ENDANGERED


Artist: Awang Hazafri Year 5



Artist: Mohd Affien Year 4


Artist: Kasih Year 4



Artist: Aina Syarafina Year 5



Artist: Muhammad Zallhasmy Kelas 4

Artist: Daniyal Year 4


Artist: Nur Qaisara Year 4



Artist: Farid Muzaffar Year 4


Artists left to right: Shafiy Hadif Year 5 and Syarif Year 4 


Artists left to right: Annisa Madiihah Year 5 and Bukhary Year 4



Artists left to right: Muhammad Thaqif Year 5 and Rayyan Year 4


Artists left to right: Abg Muhd Muhaimin Year 4 and Arief Faith Year 4 



Proboscis Monkey Nasalis larvatus ENDANGERED


Artist: Dlynvivian Year 5  


Artist: Alvin Year 4


Artist: Noor Iman Year 4


Artist: Nur Fadia Year 5


Artist: Farish Year 4



Artist: Izzati Nadhirah Year 6


Artist: Francine Year 6



Artist: Rowenna Year 6


Artist: Alif Jibril Year 4



Artist: Amyliana Year 6 


Artist: Arlyn Year 6


Artist: Mohamad Aifhaa Year 6


Artist: Haziq Nurul Year 6


Artist: Wan Faizal Year 4 


Artist: Nur Aisyah Year 6 


Artist: Farryion Ashton 6 Amanah



Artist: Haiqal 5 Rajin


Artists left to right: Nur Qysara Year 5 and Faiqa Humaira Year 6


Artists left to right: Nurqisya Arissa Year 4 and Alif Year 6



Rhinoceros Hornbill Buceros rhinoceros VULNERABLE


Artist: M. Year 5 


Artist: Aaron Year 6


Artist: Carviellerie Eilleen 4 Allamanda


Artist: Irfan Year 6



Artist: Mohamad Hairul Year 6


Artist: Jayron Year 6


Artist: Laurvely Year 6


Artist: Rhozhalez Year 5




Artist: Carrisha Belle Year 5


Artist: Daphny Myra Year 6



Artist: Gerrard Year 6



Artists left to right: Imannuel Year 6 and Nur Amiera Year 6





Artists left to right: Adrianna Hilda Year 6 and Veronice Year 6





Artists left to right:  Zachary Year 6 and Gwendelynn Year 6






Artists left to right: Keith Year 5 and Fitri Year 6



Rhinoceros Hornbill Buceros rhinoceros VULNERABLE


Artist: Huzairee Year 6


Artist: Rosma Year 5 


Artist: Haziq Year 4 


Artist: Mia Year 5


Artist: Ayriffman Year 6 



Artist: Ashnie Laila Year 4






Artist: Muhammad Izram Year 5





Artist: Muhammad Hamimie Year 6




Artist:  Mohammad Aiman Year 4





Artist: Iris Imelda Year 4




Artist: Aiman Year 5





Artists left to right: Nadirah Year 4 and Rabiatul Year 5




Artists left to right: Mohd. Airil Year 6 and Kashka Year 4




Artists left to right: Nur Khaira Year 6 Yakin and Nurul Year 5




Artists left to right:  Henry Year 6 and Muhd. Fakhri Year 5





Artists left to right: Emmanuel Year 6 and Wesley Year 4





Artists left to right: Faizya Year 5 and Muhamad Qayyum Year 6


Great Hornbill Buceros bicornis VULNERABLE

Some students chose to celebrate the Great Hornbill which is an iconic bird from Malaysia although not found in Sarawak.





Artists left to right: Athalia Year 6




Artists left to right: Charlton Year 5 and Darren Year 4



Green Turtle Chelonia mydas ENDANGERED
Leatherback Dermochelys coriacean CRITICALLY ENDANGERED

Hawksbill Turtle Eretmochelys imbricata CRITICALLY ENDANGERED


Artist: Ikhwan Zhafirin Year 4 


Artist: Kyle Harley Year 5 


Artist: Ziqry Year 4 



Artist: Dyaniellynn Year 6 


Artist: Rudellea Runai Year 6 



Artist: Nurul Eirman Year 4 


Artist: Nazran Year 6 


Artist: Esther Faith Year 6 


Artist: Yusuf Year 4


Artist: Hanson Year 4


Artist: Riz Maxzacqier Year 5 


Artist: Nur Shafika Year 4 


Artist: Nuraziman Year 6 






Artist: Aisyah Year 6 




Artist: Allevion Year 5



Artist: Noble Year 4



Artist: Yairinchya Year 4




Artist: Badruzzamah Year 4



Artist: Amnihaziqah Year 4




Artist: Charlotte Year 4



Artist: Muhamad Aazief Aiman Year 6



Artist: Alpeus Adrian Year 6



Artist: Shazlan Year 5




Artist: Shazman Year 4





Artist: Muhamad Karami Year 4



Artist: Dyarreltoppz Abiel Year 4



 Artists left to right: Natalie Year 6 and Meg Marsha Year 6


Artists left to right: Sharifah Year 5 and Arthur Year 5 



Green Turtle Chelonia mydas ENDANGERED
Leatherback Dermochelys coriacean CRITICALLY ENDANGERED
Hawksbill Turtle Eretmochelys imbricata CRITICALLY ENDANGERED
Olive Ridley  Lepidochelys olivacea VULNERABLE


Artist: Belle Year 4


 Artist: Wexterleon Year 6


Artist: Diana Year 5


Artist: Vanessa Year 5


Artist: Letizia Year 4 


Artist: Callista Year 4 


Artist: Cato Year 4


Artist: Amber Year 6 


Artist: Bong Year 6 


Artist: Fion Year 4 


Artist: Caydence Year 5


Artist: Osvan Year 4


Artist: Daniel Year 6




Artists: Low Year 5 





Artist: Azelyn Year 6






Artist: Isabella Year 4




Artist: Chong Year 5 




Artist: Matthias Year 5




Artist: Alina Year 4







Artist: Timotheus Year 6







Artist: Lee Year 5






Artist: Lim Year 6






Artist: Gwenneth Year 4




Artist: Chin Year 4



Artists left to right: Amber Chee Year 6 and Khiew Year 4




Artist left to right: Amber T Year 5 and  Charlaine Year 6 
Artists left to right:  Chloe Year 6 and  Alexander Year 5



Proboscis Monkey Nasalis larvatus ENDANGERED
Asian Elephant Elephas maximus ENDANGERED


Artist: Giselle Year 6


Artist: Claudya Jati Year 6 


Artist: Frenny Charlene Year 6


Artist: Solomon Year 6


Artist: Abigail Year 5 


Artist: Noor Azmi Year 5  


Artist: Nur Saffiyah Year 4 


Artist: Qisya Year 6


Artist: Joenes Year 4


Artist: Danisya Year 6






Artist: Virginia Samantha Year 6






Artist: Khimberly Year 5





Artist: Farren Year 5




Artist: Revyea Year 6








Artists left to right: Nureishal Year 4 and Nickle Year 4





Artists left to right: Loviana Year 6 and Feodora Year 4


Artists left to right: Lorvenia Year 4 and Clarence Year 6

 Orangutans by Sarawak children