Geoffroy's Woolly Monkey

Geoffroy's Woolly Monkey
Lagothrix lagothricha ssp. cana 

Conservation status: ENDANGERED
Population: Decreasing
Artist: Bailey S. Year 5, Bexhill Academy, Sunderland 
Project: Where Did All the Animals Go? 2021


Inhabiting the cloud forests of Bolivia, Brazil and Peru, where ferns and orchids grow, this primate species is named after its exceptionally woolly coat. 

The IUCN Red List reports "a population reduction of 50% or more over a period of 45 years is suspected. Geoffroy's woolly monkey's can live up to 15 years and spend much of their time in the tree tops searching for food.


Habitat loss and hunting for the pet trade, where infants are prized as pets are the main threats to this species.