Cramlington Wildlife (2022) by Jane Lee McCracken features 288 Biro drawings of 65 species by years 3-6 children from Cramlington Village Primary School, Northumberland, UK. Over 650 drawings were created during Jane’s 2020 workshops as Artist in Residence at the school. These drawings raise awareness of the rich and diverse wildlife that inhabits the Cramlington area. Each child’s unique drawing style communicates the beauty and individuality of each species.

The artwork displays drawings by each child in their year groups and where possible in alphabetical order so that children can identify their drawings. This mural also highlights the development of drawing skills from workshops 1-6 as well as skill development from the youngest to the oldest students. All images are similar in size to represent the importance of each individual species in its ecosystem.

Jane’s own art practice explores the effect of loss generated by human destruction on both humans and animals. She creates multi-layered Biro drawings, sculptures, installations and commercial products often featuring endangered species.

In 2021 Jane founded Drawing for the Planet global art, environmental and conservation charity. Through art, education, exhibition and conservation fundraising projects the charity gives children, communities and wildlife a voice. As part the charity’s mission, through the Cramlington Wildlife project, Drawing for the Planet has donated funds to Northumberland Wildlife Trust in support of its vital work conserving Northumberland species.

We would like to thank Cramlington Village Primary, Principal Debbie Wylie, Nicole Weatheritt, Melissa Costello, Michael Mullaghan, Gemma Cole, Sarah Koratzitis, participating children, Simon Cataudo, Col Lowrey and our investors, donors and members for making this project possible.

Years 4, 5 and 6 students with Jane Lee McCracken and CVPS Arts Co-orindator, Miss Weatheritt


"Thanks so much for the amazing mural - it's a fantastic reminder of the hugely enjoyable and inspirational experience that the children had with Jane. And all part of an amazing learning experience about the world around them and how to show our world kindness and compassion." Deborah Wylie, Principal, Cramlington Village Primary




Cramlington Wildlife 3000 x 1450mm mural featuring original Biro drawings was installed in Cramlington Village Primary School hall on 24 June 2022 by Jane and Col Lowrey of Incite Design. Accompanying the mural is a key panel with species information including scientific names and conservation status so that children can learn about each species portrayed. 



From September - December 2020, throughout the COVID pandemic, as Artist in Residence at Cramlington Village Primary Jane delivered 24 drawing workshops to Years 3-6. In her workshops children learned about and made Biro drawings of local wildlife. The aim of the workshops was to highlight the importance of local biodiversity and encourage further compassion and conservation for wildlife as well as develop drawings skills and raise awareness of the beauty and necessity of species studied through the children's evocative drawings. 

The programme consisted of 6 workshops studying the following species:

Workshop 1 - Large Mammals:

European Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN
Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN
Eurasian Badger Meles meles LEAST CONCERN
Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra NEAR THREATENED *
Stoat Mustela erminea LEAST CONCERN
European Hare Lepus europaeus LEAST CONCERN *
European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED
Western European Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus VULNERABLE (UK) *

Workshop 2 - Small Mammals:

Eurasian Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris ENDANGERED (ENGLAND) *
European Water Vole Arvicola amphibius LEAST CONCERN *
European Mole Talpa europaea LEAST CONCERN
Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN
Common Shrew Sorex Araneus LEAST CONCERN
Eurasian Pygmy Shrew Sorex minutus LEAST CONCERN
Eurasian Water Shrew Neomys fodiens LEAST CONCERN
Brown Long-eared Bat Plecotus auratus LEAST CONCERN
Daubenton’s Bat Myotis daubentonii LEAST CONCERN
Natterer’s Bat Myotis nattereri LEAST CONCERN
Noctule Nyctalus noctule LEAST CONCERN

Workshop 3 - Large Birds:

Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN
Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN
Grey Heron Ardea cinerea GREEN
Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER
Herring Gull Larus argentatus RED *
Moorhen Gallinula chloropus AMBER
Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago AMBER

Workshop 4 - Small Birds:

Kingfisher Alcedo atthis GREEN
Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN
Song Thrush Turdus philomelos AMBER *
Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN
House Sparrow Passer domesticus RED *
Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN

Workshop 5 - Invertebrates:

Peacock Butterfly Aglais io LEAST CONCERN
Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae LEAST CONCERN
Common Blue Polyommatus icarus LEAST CONCERN
Emperor Moth Saturnia pavonia LEAST CONCERN
Garden Tiger Arctia caja LEAST CONCERN *
Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea LEAST CONCERN
Buff-tailed Bumble Bee Bombus terrestris LEAST CONCERN
Western Honey Bee Apis mellifera DATA DEFICIENT
Common Wasp Vespula vulgaris LEAST CONCERN
European Garden Spider Araneus diadematus LEAST CONCERN
Wolf Spider Pardosa amentata LEAST CONCERN
Zebra Spider Salticus scenicus LEAST CONCERN
Lesser Stag Beetle Dorcus parallelipipedus LEAST CONCERN
Green Tiger Beetle Cicindela campestris LEAST CONCERN
7-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata LEAST CONCERN
14-spot Ladybird Propylea quattuordecimpunctata LEAST CONCERN
Common Green Grasshopper Omocestus viridulus LEAST CONCERN
Brown-lipped Snail Cepaea nemoralis LEAST CONCERN
White-lipped Snail Cepaea hortensis LEAST CONCERN
Hawthorn Shieldbug Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale LEAST CONCERN
Common Green Shieldbug Palomena prasine LEAST CONCERN

Workshop 6 - Reptiles, Amphibians and Freshwater Fish:

Adder Vipera berus LEAST CONCERN *
Common Lizard Zootoca vivipara LEAST CONCERN
Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN
Common Toad Bufo bufo LEAST CONCERN
Smooth Newt Lissotriton vulgaris LEAST CONCERN
Great Crested Newt Triturus cristatus LEAST CONCERN *
Pike Esox Lucius LEAST CONCERN
Three-spined stickleback Gasterosteus aculaeatus LEAST CONCERNc
Perch Perca fluviatilis LEAST CONCERN
Common Carp Cyprinus carpio LEAST CONCERN
Brown Trout Salmo trutta LEAST CONCERN *
Bullhead Cottus gobio LEAST CONCERN



CVPS students

Over 650 drawings were created by children during Jane's workshops. In order for the mural to be impactful, Jane made a final selection of 288 drawings for the design which included a drawing by each child. The following gallery displays drawings from the mural and a further selection of drawings from the workshops.



Mrs Costello's class, 2020:



Amelia G: 7-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata LEAST CONCERN



Amelia N: European Hare Lepus europaeus LEAST CONCERN */ Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN 



Ava: Common Toad Bufo bufo LEAST CONCERN / Brown-lipped Snail Cepaea nemoralis LEAST CONCERN



Aysha: Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER / Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN / Song Thrush Turdus philomelos AMBER *

Aysha: Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN / Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN / Kingfisher Alcedo atthis GREEN




Brian: Grey Heron Ardea cinerea GREEN / Hawthorn Shieldbug Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale LEAST CONCERN



Daisy B: Western Honey Bee Apis mellifera DATA DEFICIENT / Brown Trout Salmo trutta LEAST CONCERN *

Daisy H: 14-spot Ladybird Propylea quattuordecimpunctata LEAST CONCERN


Eliza: Western European Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus VULNERABLE (UK) * 

Eliza: Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN 

Eliza H: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED / European Mole Talpa europaea LEAST CONCERN


Eliza H: Common Lizard Zootoca vivipara LEAST CONCERN


Francesca: Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago AMBER



Isobel: Natterer’s Bat Myotis nattereri LEAST CONCERN / Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago AMBER  


Isobel: Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN / Emperor Moth Saturnia pavonia LEAST CONCERN



Jacob: Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN / Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea LEAST CONCERN


Jessica: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN




Jessica: Daubenton’s Bat Myotis daubentonii LEAST CONCERN / Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN 


Jessica: Western Honey Bee Apis mellifera DATA DEFICIENT / Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae LEAST CONCERN


Joseph: Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea LEAST CONCERN


Kain: Common Wasp Vespula vulgaris LEAST CONCERN



Katyee: Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago AMBER

Leon: Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN / Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN


Leon: Western Honey Bee Apis mellifera DATA DEFICIENT


Lyla: European Water Vole Arvicola amphibius LEAST CONCERN * / Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN 



Maddison: 7-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata LEAST CONCERN; Maddy: Adder Vipera berus LEAST CONCERN * 


Maisie: Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN / European Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN


Maison: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN / Common Lizard Zootoca vivipara LEAST CONCERN



Matteo: Grey Heron Ardea cinerea GREEN / Moorhen Gallinula chloropus AMBER / Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN 


Matteo: Moorhen Gallinula chloropus AMBER 


Matteo: Lesser Stag Beetle Dorcus parallelipipedus LEAST CONCERN / Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN


Maxwel: Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN / European Hare Lepus europaeus LEAST CONCERN *



Maxwel: Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN / Common Blue Polyommatus icarus LEAST CONCERN 


Megan: Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER / Common Lizard Zootoca vivipara LEAST CONCERN


Miya: Grey Heron Ardea cinerea GREEN / Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN   

Miya: Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN / Wolf Spider Pardosa amentata LEAST CONCERN


Miya: Perch Perca fluviatilis LEAST CONCERN / Common Green Grasshopper Omocestus viridulus LEAST CONCERN

Ryan: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED / 7-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata LEAST CONCERN



Tia: Adder Vipera berus LEAST CONCERN *

Willow: Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN / Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER 

Willow: Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN / Western Honey Bee Apis mellifera DATA DEFICIENT

Willow: European Garden Spider Araneus diadematus LEAST CONCERN / 14-spot Ladybird Propylea quattuordecimpunctata LEAST CONCERN



Willow: Great Crested Newt Triturus cristatus LEAST CONCERN *



Mr Mullaghan's class, 2020:



AJ: Moorhen Gallinula chloropus AMBER

Amelia: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED


Amelia: House Sparrow Passer domesticus RED * / Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN


Amelia: Common Wasp Vespula vulgaris LEAST CONCERN


Amelia T: European Mole Talpa europaea LEAST CONCERN / Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN



Amelia T: Common Toad Bufo bufo LEAST CONCERN / Great Crested Newt Triturus cristatus LEAST CONCERN *


Anthony F: Eurasian Water Shrew Neomys fodiens LEAST CONCERN / Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN



Anthony F: Herring Gull Larus argentatus RED * / Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER


Antonio: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED



Antonio: Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN



Antonio: Common Toad Bufo bufo LEAST CONCERN / Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN


Antonio: Three-spined Stickleback Gasterosteus aculaeatus LEAST CONCERN


Charlotte: European Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN / Buff-tailed Bumble Bee Bombus terrestris LEAST CONCERN



Charlotte: Bullhead Cottus gobio LEAST CONCERN


Daniel: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED


Daniel: Stoat Mustela erminea LEAST CONCERN


Eeva: European Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN



Eeva: European Water Vole Arvicola amphibius LEAST CONCERN *

Eeva: European Mole Talpa europaea LEAST CONCERN / Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER


Eeva: Emperor Moth Saturnia pavonia LEAST CONCERN / Grey Heron Ardea cinerea GREEN


Eeva: Great Crested Newt Triturus cristatus LEAST CONCERN *



Emily M: Smooth Newt Lissotriton vulgaris LEAST CONCERN



Emily: Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN


Erin: Herring Gull Larus argentatus RED * / Moorhen Gallinula chloropus AMBER


Jack: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN



Jack: Grey Heron Ardea cinerea GREEN



Jack: Moorhen Gallinula chloropus AMBER Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN



Jack: Common Green Grasshopper Omocestus viridulus LEAST CONCERN / Common Carp Cyprinus carpio LEAST CONCERN



Jacob E: Herring Gull Larus argentatus RED *


Jacob R: Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra NEAR THREATENED *Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN



Jacob R: Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN / Hawthorn Shieldbug Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale LEAST CONCERN

Jay: Eurasian Badger Meles meles LEAST CONCERN / European Mole Talpa europaea LEAST CONCERN

Jay: Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN / Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea LEAST CONCERN

Jess: Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN / Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER

Jess: Garden Tiger Arctia caja LEAST CONCERN * / Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN


Jonathan: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN / Lesser Stag Beetle Dorcus parallelipipedus LEAST CONCERN

Kevin: Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN / Green Tiger Beetle Cicindela campestris LEAST CONCERN 


Kieran: Grey Heron Ardea cinerea GREEN / Western Honey Bee Apis mellifera DATA DEFICIENT


Kieran: Adder Vipera berus LEAST CONCERN *


Lucy M: Common Green Grasshopper Omocestus viridulus LEAST CONCERN / Eurasian Water Shrew Neomys fodiens LEAST CONCERN

Lucy Ma: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED / Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN


Lucy Ma: Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN



Lucy Ma: Perch Perca fluviatilis LEAST CONCERN


Max: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN


Max: Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN


Miah T: Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra NEAR THREATENED *

Miah T: Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN / Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN


Nico: Western European Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus VULNERABLE (UK) *


Nicole: Eurasian Badger Meles meles LEAST CONCERN


Nicole: Common Lizard Zootoca vivipara LEAST CONCERN / Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN

Nicole: Western Honey Bee Apis mellifera DATA DEFICIENT / Peacock Butterfly Aglais io LEAST CONCERN


Paul: Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea LEAST CONCERN

Reece: Green Tiger Beetle Cicindela campestris LEAST CONCERN / Brown Trout Salmo trutta LEAST CONCERN *



Rosie: Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN / Moorhen Gallinula chloropus AMBER

Rosie: Pike Esox Lucius LEAST CONCERN


Ruby: Noctule Nyctalus noctule LEAST CONCERNHerring Gull Larus argentatus RED *

Tegan: Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN / Kingfisher Alcedo atthis GREEN


Zara: Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN Herring Gull Larus argentatus RED *

Zara: Smooth Newt Lissotriton vulgaris LEAST CONCERN


Zara: Common Green Grasshopper Omocestus viridulus LEAST CONCERN / 7-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata LEAST CONCERN


Miss Weatheritt's class, 2020:


Aaron: Common Snipe Gallinago gallinago AMBER / Green Tiger Beetle Cicindela campestris LEAST CONCERN

Ashveer: European Hare Lepus europaeus LEAST CONCERN * / Grey Heron Ardea cinerea GREEN


Ashveer: Kingfisher Alcedo atthis GREEN


Ashveer: Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN / Common Lizard Zootoca vivipara LEAST CONCERN

Ben: Eurasian Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris ENDANGERED (ENGLAND) * / Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN


Ben: Herring Gull Larus argentatus RED *

Ben: Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae LEAST CONCERN / Common Lizard Zootoca vivipara LEAST CONCERN


Carl: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN


Carl: Common Carp Cyprinus carpio LEAST CONCERN


Charlotte: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED / European Water Vole Arvicola amphibius LEAST CONCERN *

Charlotte: Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN / Common Toad Bufo bufo LEAST CONCERN



David: Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN


David: Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra NEAR THREATENED * / European Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN


David: Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN



David: Common Lizard Zootoca vivipara LEAST CONCERN


Elie: European Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN


Elizabeth: Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra NEAR THREATENED *

Elizabeth: European Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN / Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN


Elizabeth: Wolf Spider Pardosa amentata LEAST CONCERN / Brown-lipped Snail Cepaea nemoralis LEAST CONCERN


Ellah: Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra NEAR THREATENED * / Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN



Ellah: Common Lizard Zootoca vivipara LEAST CONCERN


Isabelle: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED



Isabelle: Stoat Mustela erminea LEAST CONCERN / Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN


Isabelle: Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN / House Sparrow Passer domesticus RED *



Isabelle: Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN / Adder Vipera berus LEAST CONCERN *


Jayden: Eurasian Badger Meles meles LEAST CONCERN



Jayden: Stoat Mustela erminea LEAST CONCERN


Jayden: Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN



Katherine: Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra NEAR THREATENED *


Katherine: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED


Katherine: Brown Trout Salmo trutta LEAST CONCERN *



Katie: Perch Perca fluviatilis LEAST CONCERN


Kieran: Adder Vipera berus LEAST CONCERN *


Lacey: Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER / Common Frog Rana temporaria LEAST CONCERN


Leonardo: Eurasian Badger Meles meles LEAST CONCERN




Leonardo: Natterer’s Bat Myotis nattereri LEAST CONCERN

Leonardo: Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN



Leonardo: Common Toad Bufo bufo LEAST CONCERN


Lola: Eurasian Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris ENDANGERED (ENGLAND) *


Louis: Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER / Kingfisher Alcedo atthis GREEN



Louis: Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN / Brown-lipped Snail Cepaea nemoralis LEAST CONCERN


Marley: Eurasian Badger Meles meles LEAST CONCERN


Marley: Brown Long-eared Bat Plecotus auratus LEAST CONCERN


Marley: Eurasian Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris ENDANGERED (ENGLAND) * / Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN


Marley: Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN



Marley: Kingfisher Alcedo atthis GREEN / Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN


Mia: European Hare Lepus europaeus LEAST CONCERN * / Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN


Mia: Eurasian Red Squirrel Sciurus vulgaris ENDANGERED (ENGLAND) * / Eurasian Water Shrew Neomys fodiens LEAST CONCERN


Mia: Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN / Song Thrush Turdus philomelos AMBER *



Mia: Peacock Butterfly Aglais io LEAST CONCERN / Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN


Miles: Zebra Spider Salticus scenicus LEAST CONCERN / Common Toad Bufo bufo LEAST CONCERN



Peyton: Stoat Mustela erminea LEAST CONCERN



Peyton: Eurasian Pygmy Shrew Sorex minutus LEAST CONCERN / Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea LEAST CONCERN


Sieannah: European Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN


Sieannah: Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN / Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER


Zack: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN



Zack: European Hare Lepus europaeus LEAST CONCERN *



Zack: Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN


Zack: Song Thrush Turdus philomelos AMBER


Zack: Wolf Spider Pardosa amentata LEAST CONCERN / Brown-lipped Snail Cepaea nemoralis LEAST CONCERN


Miss Koratzitis's class, 2020:


Alfie: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN / European Hare Lepus europaeus LEAST CONCERN *


Archie: Western European Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus VULNERABLE (UK) *


Aston: Stoat Mustela erminea LEAST CONCERN



Aston: European Mole Talpa europaea LEAST CONCERN


Aston: Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN / Brown-lipped Snail Cepaea nemoralis LEAST CONCERN


ChloeEuropean Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN


Chloe: Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN / Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN


Connor: Brown Long-eared Bat Plecotus auratus LEAST CONCERN


Connor: House Sparrow Passer domesticus RED *


Connor: Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN / Hawthorn Shieldbug Acanthosoma haemorrhoidale LEAST CONCERN


Daniel: European Hare Lepus europaeus LEAST CONCERN * / European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED

Daniel: Herring Gull Larus argentatus RED * / Kingfisher Alcedo atthis GREEN


ErinEuropean Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN



Erin: Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN / Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea LEAST CONCERN



EthanEuropean Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN / European Mole Talpa europaea LEAST CONCERN


Daniel: Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER  / Kingfisher Alcedo atthis GREEN


Finley: European Hare Lepus europaeus LEAST CONCERN *


Finley: Common Green Shieldbug Palomena prasine LEAST CONCERN / 7-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata LEAST CONCERN


Finley H: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN / European Hare Lepus europaeus LEAST CONCERN *


Finley H: Natterer’s Bat Myotis nattereri LEAST CONCERN

Finley H: Zebra Spider Salticus scenicus LEAST CONCERN / Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN


Gam: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN



Gam: Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN

Gam: Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN / Small Tortoiseshell Aglais urticae LEAST CONCERN


Harley: Eurasian Badger Meles meles LEAST CONCERN / Eurasian Pygmy Shrew Sorex minutus LEAST CONCERN


Harley: Common Barn Owl Tyto alba GREEN 


Jack: Red Fox Vulpes vulpes LEAST CONCERN / 14-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata LEAST CONCERN


Jack: Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN / Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN 


Jake: Western European Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus VULNERABLE (UK) * / Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER 


Jake: Moorhen Gallinula chloropus AMBER


James B: Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN 


James D: European Roe Deer Capreolus capreolus LEAST CONCERN


James D: Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN / Kingfisher Alcedo atthis GREEN



Joseph: Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra NEAR THREATENED *


Joseph: European Water Vole Arvicola amphibius LEAST CONCERN * / Southern Hawker Aeshna cyanea LEAST CONCERN


Lulu: Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra NEAR THREATENED *



Lulu: Daubenton’s Bat Myotis daubentonii LEAST CONCERN


Lulu: Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN / Garden Tiger Arctia caja LEAST CONCERN * 


Lulu: Western Honey Bee Apis mellifera DATA DEFICIENT / Common Wasp Vespula vulgaris LEAST CONCERN


Max: Noctule Nyctalus noctule LEAST CONCERN

Niamh: Stoat Mustela erminea LEAST CONCERN / Grey Heron Ardea cinerea GREEN


Niamh: Blackbird Turdus merula GREEN / Buff-tailed Bumble Bee Bombus terrestris LEAST CONCERN


Oscar: Western European Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus VULNERABLE (UK) * / Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER 


Poppy: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED / Eurasian Buzzard Buteo buteo GREEN



Poppy: Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN 


Poppy: 14-spot Ladybird Coccinella septempunctata LEAST CONCERN

Samuel: Western European Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus VULNERABLE (UK) *

Samuel: Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus GREEN 


Samuel: Buff-tailed Bumble Bee Bombus terrestris LEAST CONCERN


Tallula: Eurasian Otter Lutra lutra NEAR THREATENED *



Tallula: Eurasian Harvest Mouse Micromys minutus LEAST CONCERN


Tallula: Mallard Anas platyrhynchos AMBER / Robin Erithacus rubecula GREEN



Tallula: Common Shrew Sorex Araneus LEAST CONCERN


Tia: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED


Willow: European Rabbit Oryctolagus cuniculus NEAR THREATENED



Willow: Western European Hedgehog Erinaceus europaeus VULNERABLE (UK) *