Drawing for the Planet

We are a global art, environmental education and conservation charity with drawing, one of the oldest forms of communication, at its core. Founded by artist Jane Lee McCracken, to share her passions for drawing and wildlife, we partner with international wildlife charity Born Free, conservationists, artists, educators and cultural institutions. Through our art, education, exhibition and conservation fundraising projects we give children, communities and wildlife a voice.

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Our impact so far

We are volunteer run with 100% of donations going to our projects:


Our projects give the gift of art and nature to urban and rural communities across the planet. Through our workshops children learn about and connect with nature and the wildlife they draw, and through the exhibitions Jane curates, children have the exciting opportunity to see their drawings displayed in public spaces. We believe education is a key component to reversing the biodiversity crisis and through art, we nurture compassion towards wildlife, and empower children and communities to take collective responsibility for Earth's precious ecosystems. If we care, we want to conserve.














Join Drawing for the Planet and support our art and environmental education projects. Your membership provides art equipment to schools located around the world. Children learn through our workshops to love and respect wildlife, as well as understand the threats many species are facing and how we can help conserve them. Your membership also contributes, through our donations, to the vital work of conservation organisations protecting vulnerable species, like the African buffalo in Edward's drawing below. Membership plans start from as little as the cost of a pack of ballpoint pens, and provide children with the invaluable give of drawing.

Where Did All the Animals Go?

See some of the children's drawings for the Where Did All the Animals Go? project exhibition on permanent display at the Great North Museum: Hancock in our video:

Meet the Founder

Jane Lee McCracken constructs intricate multi-layered Biro (ballpoint pen) drawings, sculptures, installations and designs products. Her art practice explores loss of both humans and animals generated by human destruction and represents the beauty and brutal reality of life. Over the last decade, through her art she has raised funds for conservation organisations and delivered drawing and environmental education workshops to thousands of people across the world. In 2019 she founded Where Did All the Animals Go? project in partnership with Born Free and in 2021 founded Drawing for the Planet. Explore Jane's art:

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Since 2019 thousands of drawings of wildlife have been created by children across the world for Jane's Where Did All the Animals Go? exhibitions, learning in her workshops that "everyone can draw". Through the beauty of child art, these drawings celebrate animals as individual beings that live their own lives according to their needs, contemplating what their eyes have seen, and often representing a species facing extinction. 

Our projects, exhibitions and murals provide an opportunity to form emotional connections with each species, through the creative response of a generation of young people.

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Jane's enthusiasm is infectious and her talent prodigious. Her love of wildlife and her ability to communicate that love to young artists, encouraging them to explore new subjects and new mediums, was there for all to see when I had the privilege of attending the 'Where did all the animals go?’ exhibition on the 22nd June. I am full of admiration for her work and for her passion to inspire the next generation to care about the natural world around us. 

Will Travers OBE, Co-Founder Born Free

Born Free are thrilled to be partnered with the Where Did All The Animals Go? project. It is so exciting to have seen how engaged children across the globe have been, drawing and learning about both iconic animals, and lesser known endangered species. On every continent wildlife is coming under increasing pressure from habitat destruction, unsustainable exploitation of resources and human-wildlife conflict. This project inspires children to care for all our wild neighbours and understand their importance within the natural landscape, from the African lion to the giraffe weevil.

Charlie Baker, Education Officer Born Free

We loved being part of Jane’s wonderful and powerful project! Jane’s use of art to honour these beautiful animals is nothing short of transformative. Not only are the animals clearly present in the magnificent drawings, but so are the awe and admiration and concern of the artists. I know that Where Did All The Animals Go? will continue to be a force for good.

Marinta Skupin, Curator of Education, Laguna Art Museum

Most noteworthy about Jane’s workshop is the sense of fellowship that it creates almost instantly. Beyond working towards a greater cause, the session offers a supportive setting in which to make art that is not so unlike the secure environments that Jane asks us to envision for our non-human friends.

Nate Bench, Art Eduction and School Programs Associate, Laguna Art Museum