Wild Postcard Gallery Kenya


Where Did All the Animals Go? project launched Kenya Outreach Programme with Born Free Kenya in October 2020 to showcase drawings by Kenyan's of their beautiful country's rich wildlife heritage.

Jane was thrilled to receive the first drawings for the Kenya Gallery from Losioki Somoire of African Conservation Centre - US who sent artworks by children from the Amboseli Ecosystem. WDATAG? project was used as part of the children's awareness follow-activities through the African Conservation Centre Conservation Education Outreach programme. These exquisite and iconic drawings depict the treasured wildlife of Amboseli National Park.

For further details about Wild Postcard Gallery and how to submit your drawing please visit the main gallery here. Jane would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has contributed to Wild Postcard Gallery Kenya.


 African Buffalo NT Edward Logela, Esiteti Primary School


Elephant Queen (African Elephant VU) Duncan Mancha Tipape Form One, Olchorro Secondary School


Wildlife of Amboseli Kevin Kasaine age 13, D.E.B Primary School, Oloitoktok


Mount Kilimanjaro Wildlife Tinyao Kapaito, Esiteti Primary School 


The Rhino (Black Rhino CR) Duncan Mancha Tipape Form One, Olchorro Secondary School


Superb Starling LC Edward Logela, Esiteti Primary School


The Lion (African Lion VU) Duncan Mancha Tipape Form One, Olchorro Secondary School

Leopard VU Edward Logela, Esiteti Primary School


African Wild Ass CR Edward Logela, Esiteti Primary School


April 2022 

African Lion VULNERABLE Ryan Gsnet School of Art


African Lion VULNERABLE Kenneth Gsnet School of Art 


African Lion VULNERABLE Kenneth Gsnet School of Art 


Kenneth and Ryan, Gsnet School of Art

 Kenneth and Ryan creating their drawings


April 2022


AFRICAN BUFFALO Syncerus caffer NEAR THREATENED, Mazola student

 African Savanna Elephant ENDANGERED Mazola student 


Spotted Hyenas LEAST CONCERN Florence 


African Lion VULNERABLE Mazola student


Masai Giraffe ENDANGERED, Mazola student


Grévy's Zebra ENDANGERED Jacob


Impala LEAST CONCERN, Mazola student


African Savanna Elephant ENDANGERED Mazola student


African Lion VULNERABLE Mazola student


Grévy's Zebra ENDANGERED Mazola student


Cheetah VULNERABLE Halima


Masai Giraffe ENDANGERED, Salma 


African Lion VULNERABLE Mohamma


African Savanna Elephant ENDANGERED Mazola student


Cheetah VULNERABLE Mazola student 


African Lion VULNERABLE Mohamma


More drawings by Mazola students of species including African Savannah Elephant, African Lion, Cheetah, Leopard and Hippopotamus:













20 March 2022 

Impala Aepyceros melampus LEAST CONCERN, Kenneth Gsnet School of Art 


Impala Aepyceros melampus LEAST CONCERN, Ryan Gsnet School of Art


EGYPTIAN GOOSE Alopochen aegyptiaca LEAST CONCERNRyan Gsnet School of Art


Masai Giraffe ENDANGERED Kenneth Gsnet School of Art


Black-chested Snake-eagle Circaetus pectoralis LEAST CONCERN (population: STABLE) Kenneth Gsnet School of Art, drawing from observation


Leopard VULNERABLE Kenneth Gsnet School of Art


African Savanna Elephant ENDANGERED Kenneth Gsnet School of Art


African Lion VULNERABLE Kenneth Gsnet School of Art


Leopard VULNERABLE Kenneth Gsnet School of Art 


African Savanna Elephant ENDANGERED Kenneth Gsnet School of Art


Ryan and Kenneth, Gsnet School of Art


Left to right: Ryan and Kenneth, Gsnet School of Art; Ryan, Mr Milton, Kenneth, Mr Moses and Abdhulrazak age 4 with an elephant painting


Ryan and Kenneth creating their drawings



Leopard VULNERABLE Bowaz Kichana  


Common Warthog LEAST CONCERN (Decreasing) Student of Jameelah


Masai Giraffe ENDANGERED Mohamed Ali




Hippopotamus VULNERABLE, White-backed Vulture CRITICALLY ENDANGERED Student of Jameelah (This picture shows a hippopotamus killed by drought with vultures eating the carcass

 African Savanna Elephant ENDANGERED Shaban Mwinyi


Stone Partridge LEAST CONCERN Shaban Mwinyi

Leopard VULNERABLE Jotham Chilumo


Leopard VULNERABLE Student of Jameelah 


Bat-eared Fox LEAST CONCERN Student of Jameelah


African Buffalo NEAR THREATENED Pendo Aggy


African Savanna Elephant ENDANGERED N'jema Isabel


Grévy's Zebra ENDANGEREDLesser Flamingo NEAR THREATENED (Decreasing) Masoud Juma


Northern Yellow Baboon LEAST CONCERN (Stable) Omari Ali


African Buffalo NEAR THREATENED Cynthia Anthony 


Northern Yellow Baboon LEAST CONCERN (Stable) Cynthia Anthony


Boomslang LEAST CONCERN (Stable) Cynthia Anthony


Common Warthog  LEAST CONCERN (Decreasing) Cynthia Anthony


African Lion VULNERABLE Bowaz Year 3


Hippopotamus VULNERABLE Bowaz Year 3


Cheetah VULNERABLE Masud Juma

 Verraux's Eagle Owl  LEAST CONCERN Cliveland Omondi 


African Buffalo NEAR THREATENED Maulid Nuri


Stanger's Squirrel  LEAST CONCERN Mejumaa Juma


African Savanna Elephant ENDANGERED Elizabeth Mnyazi Year 6


African Lion VULNERABLE Jotham Chilumo


Grévy's Zebra ENDANGERED, Leopard VULNERABLE Abigail Achieng


African Savanna Elephant ENDANGERED Juma Pakia


Monkey Juma Pakia


Tiger ENDANGERED (population: 2,154 - 3,159 DECREASING), Joseph



African Savanna Elephant ENDANGERED Ryan Namwenge age 9, Gsnet School


Sable Antelope Ryan Namwenge age 9, Gsnet School

 Cheetah VULNERABLE Ryan Namwenge age 9, Gsnet School


African Lion VULNERABLE Ryan Namwenge age 9, Gsnet School 


Image left: Losioki Somoire (African Conservation Centre) Jacob Louma (centre) and Edward Logela (right)
Image top: Kelvin Kasaine and Mancha Tipape
Image bottom: Edward Logela and his younger brother Tinayo Kapaito, Kelvin Kasaine and Isaack from Olowuaru Camp guide identifying a barn swallow from a bird book.

Children from Amboseli ecosystem took part in a birding week December 2020 (see images above). The children drew birds as well as other animals they were able to identify in Rombo Wildlife Conservancy:

Booted Eagle LC Duncan Mancha Tipape 

African Elephant VU Tinayo Daniel Kapaito

African Fish Eagle LC Edward Logela Kapaito

 Maasai Ostrich LC Edward Logela Kapaito

Grévy's Zebra EN Tinayo Daniel Kapaito

Eagle Edward Logela Kapaito

Impala LC Edward Logela Kapaito

Masai Giraffe EN Duncan Mancha Tipape 

The following exquisite drawing by Jesse Kariuki Kamau age 8 is of his favourite Kenyan wild animal the Black Rhino which he would like saved for future generations: 

Black Rhino CR Jesse Kariuki Kamau age 8, St James Dam School, Kajiado County

The following beautiful drawing by Benson Mwangi is of the Hirola. Benson says:

Hunter's hartebeest is a critically endangered antelope species found in eastern & south eastern Kenya. It's population is decreasing, it's my favourite Kenyan wild animal. 

Hirola CR Benson Mwangi age 23, Kenya


African Elephants VU / African Lion VU John Thumbi


The following schools are part of the SUSO Empower School Program in Kibera and Dagoretti areas of Nairobi, led by Peter Moll. Many thanks to Peter and participating children for creating such incredible drawings for WDATAG? Gallery:


African Lion VU Jeyden

African Lion VU Naliva

African Elephant VU Moses

Reticulated Giraffe EN Flex

African Lion VU Student of Kibera Hamlets

African Elephant VU Student of Kibera Hamlets

African Lion VU Tonny

African Lion VU Naliva

Spotted Hyena Craig

African Lion VU Tonny

African Elephant VU Christine

African Lion VU Marion

Reticulated Giraffe EN Jeyden

African Lion VU Craig


Hippopotamus VU Shavin Machi

African Elephant VU Pole

African Elephant VU Ivy Atieno

Reticulated Giraffe EN Junit Maliae

African Lion VU Cedrick Ochieng

Reticulated Giraffe EN Nacyvender Atieno

Hippopotamus VU Jack Ochieng

Monkey Tawfiq Said

Reticulated Giraffe EN Ann Kelly

African Lion VU Kagden

Hippopotamus VU Zena Yuruf

Hippopotamus VU David Otieno

African Lion VU Viham Kiruto

African Elephant VU Stephen Kahiri

Reticulated Giraffe EN Celestine

African Lion VU Antonio


African Elephant VU Lieophas Maringa

African Buffalo VU Joseph Nabuko

African Lion VU Gleeson Arwanda

African Elephant VU Surzis Dahiy

 African Elephant VU Rose Nafuna
 African Buffalo VU Hannington Olenyo
 African Lion VU Steve Calvins
 African Lion VU Martha Anyangu
Python Melvin Akinyi
 African Lion VU Mary Atieno
Spotted Hyenas Paul Ochieng

Masai Giraffe EN Racheal Amoding


Masai Giraffe EN Hanifa Isack


Python Cisse Nambuya


Python Student St Juliet

Spotted Hyena Shereal Nusrat Mmbone

Masai Giraffe EN Tina Mwazighe

Kangaroo and Sperm Whale VU Erick Owoch

Masai Giraffe EN Erick Nakaya

Spotted Hyena Carlesilis Wayne

Masai Giraffe EN Elvis Butich

Leopard VU and Grevy's Zebra EN Owen Barack

Python Laureen Akinyi

Reticulated Giraffe EN Lily Lilian Christine

African Elephant VU Shalton Cchieng

African Elephant VU Brian Busura

African Elephant VU Brian Busura

African Elephant VU Kevin Okwatha

African Elephant VU Nicole Akinyi

Black Rhinoceros CR Eugene Osita

African Grass Owl Irene Adhiambo Otieno

Reticulated Giraffe EN Bakhita

Reticulated Giraffe EN Dennis Onyango

Reticulated Giraffe EN Fidelis Kitambi

Sperm Whale VU Aaron Ochieng

Cobra and African Lion VU Neema Kageha


Reticulated Giraffe EN Daniel Luveka

Somali Ostrich VU Serefina Akoth

Somali Ostrich VU Lydia Akinyi

Lesser Flamingo NT Fidel Odhiambu

Monkey Godfry Wanguvo

Tiger EN David Okoth

African Elephant VU Sureis Dahiy

African Elephant VU Lirine Achieng

Reticulated Giraffe EN Alice Achieng

African Lion VU Derick Abdalla

Snake Emanuel Kavulavu

African Elephant VU Maryann Arafa

Snake Roseline Munisti

Snake Madeline Mbaka

Python Tiffany Achieng

Somali Ostrich VU Everlyne Adhiambo


African Buffalo NT Flovian Adhiambu

Blue Whale EN Said Abdaiian


Cheetah VU Charles Nyarieko


Masai Giraffe EN Neville Onyango

Spotted Hyena Joyce Aklinja

Grevy's Zebra EN Aisha Abdallah

African Lion VU Habiba Ali

Wild Animals Hanifa Ali


Bird and Fish Hamisi Zwere

African Lion VU Nora Moendi

Reticulated Giraffe EN Siam Mohamed Hassan

Owl and African Elephant VU Eric

Python Sherilen Muhonja

Seagull Omar Ibrahim

Somali Ostrich VU Triza Andayi

Reticulated Giraffe EN Eldon Nyamwange

Python, Somali Ostrich VU and Reticulated Giraffe EN Uncox Ochieng


 Reticulated Giraffe EN Phenny Atieno
 African Golden Wolf  EN Philip Ingutia
 Reticulated Giraffe EN Siam MohamedBlack Rhinoceros CR Winny Atieno
Reticulated Giraffe EN Asha Ibrahim

Somali Ostrich VU Carolyne Achieng


African Lion VU Omar Ismail
Eagle Vanessa Koki

African Lion VU Joseph Orikai Sopon

African Elephant VU Musa Roimen

African Elephant VU student of Iloirero Primary

Masai Giraffe EN Ninayiai Ngashar


Cheetah VU Evalyne Korrompoi

African Lion VU Parmeteyi

Rabbit Tisike Sunte

African Elephant VU Jeremiah Misthoka

Grey-headed Kingfisher LC Joseph Mepukori Koike, Oloikaa Primary School, Magadi, Kenya


Joseph Mepukori Koike, Oloikaa Primary School, Magadi, Kenya