2021 Comments Book

Image courtesy of Mortimer Primary


During the first two weeks of July, Jane met with teachers and children from seven of the participating North East schools, to show them round the Where Did All the Animals Go? 2021 exhibition at the Great North Museum: Hancock, Newcastle upon Tyne. For many, this was the first school trip since lockdown 2020 and for some their first experience of an art exhibition.

Each child had at least one drawing featured in the exhibition and children were elated to see their own artwork and drawings by children from across the globe on display. They also enjoyed viewing the museum’s renown exhibits. St Mary Magdalen Primary joined Jane in the museum via Zoom to see their drawings on display virtually. 

Image courtesy of Corbridge Middle school


The following comments were written by children whose drawings are displayed in the Where Did All the Animals Go? 2021 exhibition. We have also included a selection of quotes:

Year 5:

Selection of quotes about the exhibition and project:

"I loved all the drawings the first moment I saw them with my bare eyes. I was shocked. I loved taking part in the exhibition. It was great!" Aliyah

"I loved taking part in the exhibition because before it I didn't know how good I was, but after I knew how good I am." Daniel

"I get really nervous when I draw but when you come in I felt like an artist. Thank you." Alex

"I like how artist Jane added little details to one big drawing. I would go back." Casey

I loved it! Thank you very much. I loved taking part, and thank you again. One time I will take my family, they will love it." Daisy

"I personally think that all the drawings were great and unique and it was a great experience to have and I am really happy to come to "Where Did All the Animals Go?" and I wish I could come again." Logan D

"I thought that the exhibition was amazing because you see drawings that other people have made! And I can't wait to see it again." Evie

"I liked all the pictures but every time I look at one that I liked and the other picture's are amazing and I have been inspired by all the artwork." Mohanad

"I thought that the exhibition was really nice because it was nice to see everyone's from all around. I liked it because when they put up the display and I saw mine, I was really happy and impressed with myself." Charlotte

"I am so happy for our school's drawings to be shown at the Great North Museum in Newcastle." Tommy

"I liked it because we didn't only get to see our classes work but we also got to see a lot of other people's drawings from all around the world. My favourite part was to participate in drawings. " Lexie

"I was excited because it was my first time at an exhibition and it was really cool. I was feeling really happy because my drawing was there." Zac


Year 5:

Selection of quotes about the project and exhibition:

"I thought that this exhibition was amazing because I was surprised to see my work on display. I learnt that we spread the word about the animals that are endangered in our art. My favourite thing was when we drew the animals and Jane telling us that it's okay if we make a mistake because that's how we learn." Maya

"I really enjoyed the exhibition because you could see your artwork in a public place so anyone could see. I learnt that loads of animals are near extinction because of pollution and we're destroying their habitats and we need to save the world. I know how to sketch the animals and to know how many animals are getting closer to extinction." Adam

"I learned that the art you make will not be bad, it' beautiful. My favourite thing was drawing the eagle." Aisha

"I learned if you make a mistake that's okay. I like how the pupils don't judge the other pupils." Maryam

"The exhibition is very inspiring and there are very good drawings. My favourite part was when we came to look at everybody's work." Amina

"I learned that you can fix mistakes. I enjoyed that everyone's artwork is not judged because they are all different like everyone and everything." Yazmin

"I enjoyed the exhibition and I thought the drawings were amazing. I learnt about endangered animals and how we try to protect them. My favourite thing about this project was drawing the animals." D

"I enjoyed it because I got to see all different animals from around the world. I learned that if you make a mistake it will be okay, just fix it. My favourite thing was to see my work on display with others." Ethan

"I thought the exhibition was amazing and seeing all the animals that people drew was amazing. I've learnt about lots of endangered animals and mistakes can be really vital to make the drawing good. I was so excited to have my drawings displayed." Cleo

"I enjoyed this exhibition because I liked seeing the other pictures. I learned that we need to protect lots of animals so they don't go extinct. My favourite thing was drawing my Narwhal and having my artwork on display and Twitter." Ajmain

"I thought the exhibition was inspiring by seeing all the animals from around the world. I even saw drawings from California. I learned about endangered animals are in huge risk of extinction and losing populations and how we can help them. I enjoyed doing Microsoft Teams with Jane and learning about animals." Bilal


Year 7:

Selection of quotes about the project and exhibition:

"I love schools around the world coming together to support saving the animals. I learned a new way to draw and new and exciting things. I enjoyed helping to let people know what trouble our beloved animals are in." Sadie

"I really liked the variety and all the different animals, styles, artists drawings and seeing my friend's work. I really like the layout. There are so many animals that are endangered and still people who don't hear. Seeing the exhibition, it's really beautiful and drawing them itself was fun." Nuha

"The fact that kids from all the world get to participate in a good cause. That we need to treat all animals like we'd treat a human." Jed

"There were som animals that I didn't know existed." Cayden

"I like all the different animals and the fact that you can see everyone's work. I learned lots of new types of species and that we need to protect them. I enjoyed drawing the animals because it's fun." Millie


Year 4:

Selection of quotes about the project and exhibition:

"I thought that the exhibition was very fascinating and Jane had put a lot of work into it. I learned that a lot of unique animals are endangered. I enjoyed picking and drawing the animals." Lily P

"It is a very good experience. I learned names of animals and how to draw them. I liked it because it is now in the museum." Ryan

"I thought the exhibition was really good. The animals are really rare and are nearly extinct. I enjoyed meeting the artist and seeing the exhibition." Finley

"I had fun and want to do it again. Also I liked it when we learnt about the animals. I learned that animals have talent and animals are interesting." Isla 

"I thought it was fun and it was amazing learning about all the animals. I learned that there are a lot of endangered animals and I am so glad I took part and helped. I enjoyed doing the drawing and learning about animals." Lily M

"I thought it was the coolest thing ever. I learned that I am good at art. I enjoyed when we got to do art." Jake

"It was absolutely amazing. I enjoyed it so much. I loved starting our drawings then turning them into amazing things." Lexi

"I love it, it had so many nice pieces of art. Try hard, don't give up and don't rush [drawing]. Looking at our art and meeting Jane." Amelie


Year 5:

Selection of quotes about the exhibition and project:

"We all learnt about different sea creatures and there were lots of animals that were nearly extinct. My favourite thing was taking part in drawing when Jane came in." Bradley

"I thought it was all fun but I'm really happy that it might make people want to make a change to the environment." Beech Hill student

"It was fun and exciting because I got to see my art and we also got to get out of class. I learnt about new species like a blue whale. My favourite thing is doing the art because I got to draw something I never have." Presley

"I think it was very cool and interesting because we got to see our magnificent artwork. We also got to see the fascinating animals. I learnt that a lot of animals were endangered and almost extinct. I also learnt how to draw with ballpoint pens. My favourite part was when we first came in and saw our pictures." Zi

"It was fascinating and it got us out the class for the first time in a year. I learnt how colour in and take my time." Archie

"We dot to learn about all these extraordinary animals." Dhala


Year 7:

Selection of comments about the project and exhibition:

"I found this exhibition inspiring. It also made me feel regretful for the animals. I've learnt that there are too many endangered animals. I enjoyed the fact that we are alerting the public about how we need to save our animals. Thank you for this exhibition." Lina

"I enjoyed the exhibition as I learnt more about art and animals. I as honoured to have my artwork in the museum. I enjoyed working with Jane on a great exhibition." Charlie

"[The project] is very interesting and a great learning experience because it is for endangered animals. I learned that there are a lot more endangered animals than I thought there to be. My favourite part of this was getting to draw the picture of the animal." Sofia

"It was absolutely amazing to see everyone's hard work. I learnt that there were so many more endangered animals. I really enjoyed drawing the pictures." Will

"I thoroughly enjoyed this exhibition. Drawing with a Biro as interesting. I learnt just how many animals are going extinct because of the vast amount of animals to choose from. My favourite bit was visiting our drawings in the museum and looking at the other schools drawings." Sai

"The exhibition was really cool. It's amazing seeing my art in a place that I used to go to all the time!" Max

"My favourite part of the exhibition was seeing my work on display and other people's work. I learnt that there were so many endangered animals in the world. My favourite thing about participating was drawing and seeing the work." Johnny




Jane Lee McCracken, Artist and Where Did All the Animals Go? Founder, said:

“Through drawing, education and the opportunity of self-expression, I hope to generate individual compassion towards animals and the environment while encouraging collective responsibility to further cherish and conserve the planet’s remaining wildlife for future generations: if we care we want to conserve.” 

Charlie Baker, Born Free Education Officer, said:

“Born Free are thrilled to be partnered with the Where Did All The Animals Go? project. It is so exciting to have seen how engaged children across the globe have been, drawing and learning about both iconic animals, and lesser known endangered species. On every continent wildlife is coming under increasing pressure from habitat destruction, unsustainable exploitation of resources and human-wildlife conflict. This project inspires children to care for all our wild neighbours and understand their importance within the natural landscape, from the African lion to the giraffe weevil.”

Dr Kate Holden, Learning Officer at the Great North Museum: Hancock, said:

“We are delighted to showcase the work of children from North East England and around the world in our Living Planet gallery. Their reflection on the state of nature highlights the need to act now to secure the future of the planet they are inheriting.”

Will Travers OBE, Co-Founder Born Free speaking at the Endangered Species Conference 2021 said:

“Born Free is absolutely thrilled to be part of this fantastic programme… When it says, Where Did All The Animals Go? Hopefully, the answer to that is nowhere! We’ve got to make sure that the animals don’t go, they don’t leave us, don’t disappear, they don’t become extinct, and we can all do something about it.” 

Marinta Skupin, Curator of Education, Laguna Art Museum said:

"We loved being part of Jane’s wonderful and powerful project! Jane’s use of art to honour these beautiful animals is nothing short of transformative. Not only are the animals clearly present in the magnificent drawings, but so are the awe and admiration and concern of the artists. I know that Where Did All The Animals Go? will continue to be a force for good."

Dr Meryl Batchelder, Subject Leader for Science, Corbridge Middle School, said:

"Where Did All the Animals Go?” is one of the most engaging enrichment projects I’ve had the pleasure to work on with my pupils. We’re so excited to be able to visit the exhibition of artwork at the Great North Museum: Hancock.”

David Whetstone Senior Desk Editor - Culture ncjMedia wrote:

"...drawings, preserved on vinyl, capture the relative charms of the lesser flamingo, the Eurasian oystercatcher, the Argentine horned frog, the American crocodile and many more. They make for an entertaining but also sobering display. So many wonderful creatures! Surely there’s room for all of us on this unique planet? ...A great project and very moving" Read the article here