Our Mission


To create opportunities, through art, for all humans to love, respect and show compassion towards nature and conserve it for future generations through collective responsibility.


Our mission is to give children, communities and wildlife a voice, through the gift of art, environmental education, wildlife conservation and exhibition. With drawing, one of the oldest forms of communication, and the Artist and Founder Jane Lee McCracken and her passion for drawing and wildlife at its core, the charity seeks to deliver grass-roots projects to local and global communities, nurturing compassion and collective responsibility for wildlife and the natural world.


Working with and donating funds to front-line wildlife organisations to further assist their missions to conserve threatened species in the wild, we bring art and educational projects to communities to actively encourage awareness of those organisations conservational work, local biodiversity and the need to protect it. Through our projects which support conservationists, artists and educators, we seek to inspire communities across the globe to appreciate the beauty and necessity of local and global wildlife while encouraging their involvement in species conservation in the wild, and the conservation of our natural world. We actively seek to use drawing as a therapeutic tool for humans and also collaborate with cultural institutions that champion environmental and creative education. 

Through our projects we deliver the following key messages:

  • A call for wider awareness and compassion for wildlife affected by human destruction, and the subsequent impact of wildlife depletion on humanity if we don’t act now.
  • Exploring the facts as to why and how species are threatened.
  • Simple key actions to make positive changes for wildlife, both locally and globally
  • Wildlife is something we all share; wildlife has the power to unite us through the need for its conservation.
  • The opportunity to form connections with vulnerable species.
  • To inspire compassion and conservation through art and education.
  • To think of the animal/organism studied through the creative process and how the world is a better place for its existence