How We Work

The funds we raise finance our art and environmental education projects which reach children and communities across the globe and support participating artists, educators and education establishments. We also donate funds to frontline conservation organisations that effectively protect vulnerable species in the wild as well as collaborate with cultural institutions including museums and art galleries.


We believe that education is a key component to reversing the biodiversity crisis. Our projects provide the opportunity to learn about our precious natural world and how to take positive action to help wildlife, while experiencing the joy and self-expression of creativity. Each participant is empowered to raise awareness of vulnerable wildlife and their ecosystems, through their art, the exhibitions we organise and our murals. This enables them to become environmental and cultural ambassadors.


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 As a small team, with artist and founder Jane Lee McCracken at the hub, supported by voluntary advisors, this structure ensures that the majority of the funds we raise go directly to support our projects and the conservation organisations we work with. 


Anyone can support Drawing for the Planet through our membership plans which begin at $3 upwards or by donating via our donate page.

Your donations help us...

Art, Education and Nature

Give the gift of art, education and nature
by providing art materials and environmental
education resources including positive
actions we can all take to help nature.
Our grass-roots projects nurture compassion
and collective responsibility for wildlife
and the natural world.




Deliver workshops to children
and communities while supporting artists,
educators and schools.
Our workshops encourage
emotional connections between participants
and the species they draw.
We also promote drawing as a therapeutic
tool to mental wellbeing. "Everyone can draw!"




Organise exhibitions in
cultural institutions and public spaces to
showcase artwork created for our projects.
Our exhibitions, curated by Jane, also raise 
awareness of vulnerable wildlife
with the general public.




Donate funds to frontline
conservation organisations we support
that are effectively protecting wildlife in the wild.
We also introduce children and
communities to the vital work of these organisations
conserving biodiversity in their locale.




Organise Endangered Species 
Conferences in conjunction
with our exhibitions.
Our conferences illuminate, inspire
and empower audiences of all ages,
with talks by leading conservationists.

"If we care, we want to conserve."