Endangered Species Conferences

When Jane founded Where Did All the Animals Go? in 2019, Drawing for the Planet's flagship project, her vision was not only to provide children, schools and communities with the opportunity to learn about and create drawings of vulnerable species for exhibition but also to hold Endangered Species Conferences in conjunction with each exhibition. The aim of the conferences is to illuminate, inspire and empower audiences, with the hope of further encouraging collective responsibility towards nature. 

The format of the Endangered Species Conferences is driven by Jane's belief in inclusivity, the sharing of knowledge and that "wildlife is something we all share; wildlife has the power to unite us through the need for its conservation". For both conferences she invited renown conservationists and youth activists to speak about wildlife, the environment and their work to protect the natural world to audiences including school students and the general public. Will Travers OBE, President and Co-Founder Born Free (above) kindly accepted her invitations to be headline speaker at both the 2019 and 2021 conferences. 

Jane's founding of Drawing for the Planet, and our plans already in progress for the next Where Did All the Animals Go? exhibition will see the organisation of further Endangered Species Conferences as part of our mission. Read about each conference here: