Ukrainian Wildlife Drawing Workshop


On 22 March, as part of Drawing for the Planet's Workshop Programme, Jane delivered a UK/Ukrainian Wildlife Biro drawing workshop to Years 3 and 4 of Belsay Primary School, Northumberland. The workshop was donated to Belsay with kind thanks to DftP member and Belsay PTA, Sue Ethrington who assisted Jane during the workshop.

Through Jane's presentation, children learned about species the UK and Ukraine share as well as endangered species endemic to Ukraine such as the Sandy Mole Rat. They also learned about the work of the Four Paws Bear Sanctuary Domazhyr that "provides a species-appropriated forever home for bears rescued from captivity".
Jane was thrilled with the amazing drawings of iconic Ukrainian wildlife created by the children including nightingales, Ukraine's national bird and bears from the Four Paws sanctuary. The children's drawings can be viewed in Wild Postcard Gallery 2022 here


Huge thank you to inspirational Sue Etherington for your support and all staff and children at Belsay.


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