Wild Postcard Gallery GNM Workshops 2021

17 August 2021

As part of Where Did All the Animals Go? exhibition at Great North Museum: Hancock, Jane was invited to deliver a drop-in wildlife Biro drawing workshop in Living Planet Gallery. Visitors of all ages, including children, parents and grandparents, created over 100 drawings of global species featured in the exhibition, some of which are critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable and near threatened:

Kakapo CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: 204 individuals) Ruth Sheldon, Great North Museum: Hancock Team


Cheetah VULNERABLE (population: 6,674), Isla


Polar Bear VULNERABLE (population: 20,000 - 25,000), Evans


Macaroni Penguin VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Krysia


Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby NEAR THREATENED (population: UNKNOWN), Aya


Aye-aye ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Chloe age 11


Greater Prairie Chicken NEAR THREATENED (population: 360,000) Chloe age 11


Coquerel's Sifaka CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: UNKNOWN), Chloe age 11


Lesser Chameleon ENDANGERED (population: UNKNOWN), Harrison


Koala VULNERABLE (population: 100,000 - 500,000), Macey


Coastal Peacock Spider UNCLASSIFIED (population: UNKNOWN), Joni


Sun Parakeet ENDANGERED (population: 1000 - 2,499), Lydia


Ring-tailed Lemur ENDANGERED (population: 2,000 - 2,400), Fraser


Small Tortoiseshell UNSPECIFIED (BAP Species), Riley G.


Eurasian Red Squirrel ENDANGERED UK (population: 140,000), Teddy


Bower's Parrotfish NEAR THREATENED (population: UNKNOWN), Hallie


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Conrad, Edinburgh


West African Giraffe VULNERABLE (population: 100,000), Sara, Edinburgh


Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby NEAR THREATENED (population: UNKNOWN), Hugo age 8

 Quokka VULNERABLE (population: 7,500 - 15,000), Berry


Giant Armadillo VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Geordie


Bald-headed Uakari VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Geordie


Fiji Crested Iguana CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: 12,000 - 14,000), Geordie 


Blue-throated Macaw CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: 50 - 249), Berry and Geordie's Father


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Jamie


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Hallie


Cheetah VULNERABLE (population: 6,674), Sophia age 4 (Sophia had a plaster cast on her right arm so created the drawing with her left hand)


African Savanna Elephant VULNERABLE (population: 415,000), Emily


Lavaste's Viper VULNERABLE (population: UNKNOWN), Emily


Red-billed (White-throated) Toucan VULNERABLE (population: UNKNOWN), George


Small Tortoiseshell UNSPECIFIED (BAP Species), Edward


Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby NEAR THREATENED (population: UNKNOWN), Connie


Fiji Crested Iguana CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: 12,000 - 14,000), Hugo 


African Savanna Elephant VULNERABLE (population: 415,000), Neil


Macaroni Penguin VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Riley age 8


Radiated Tortoise CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: UNKNOWN), Alfie


Cheetah VULNERABLE (population: 6,674), Rafi


African Lion VULNERABLE (population: 20,000), Rafi and Isaac


Koala VULNERABLE (population: 100,000 - 500,000), Isaac


American Crocodile VULNERABLE (population: UNKNOWN), Isaac 


Sun Parakeet ENDANGERED (population: 1000 - 2,499), Isaac


Dorcas Gazelle VULNERABLE (population: 35,000 - 40,000), Rafi and Diana


Yellow-footed Rock Wallaby NEAR THREATENED (population: UNKNOWN), Diana 


Aye-aye ENDANGERED (population: UNKNOWN), Grace


African Wild Dog ENDANGERED (population: 8,000), Brooke (Grace's Mother)


Sky Blue Poison Dart Frog ENDANGERED (population: UNKNOWN), Poppy


Northern Rockhopper Penguin ENDANGERED (population: 480,000), Olivia


Lavaste's Viper VULNERABLE (population: UNKNOWN), Seth


Lavaste's Viper VULNERABLE (population: UNKNOWN), Samuel


Small Tortoiseshell UNSPECIFIED (BAP Species), Serena


Macaroni Penguin VULNERABLE (population:DECREASING), Shirley


Cagle's Map River Turtle ENDANGERED (population: 11,000 - 13,000), Harriette and Erika 

Small Tortoiseshell UNSPECIFIED (BAP Species), Scarlett


Atlantic Puffin RED (UK) VULNERABLE (Global) (population: 580,000 pairs), Caitlin


Green Turtle ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Evan D.


Eurasian Red Squirrel ENDANGERED UK (population: 140,000), Poppy and Daddy


Dorcas Gazelle VULNERABLE (population: 35,000 - 40,000), Rosie


African Savanna Elephant VULNERABLE (population: 415,000), Tracey Williams 


Lantern Bug UNCLASSIFIED (population: UNKNOWN), Finn


Quokka VULNERABLE (population: 7,500 - 15,000), Clare


Koala VULNERABLE (population: 100,000 - 500,000), Lily


Atlantic Puffin RED (UK) VULNERABLE (Global) (population: 580,000 pairs), Tilly


Red Fox LEAST CONCERN (population: STABLE), Alaina


Scarlet Macaw LEAST CONCERN (population:DECREASING), Noah


West African Giraffe VULNERABLE (population: 100,000), Heidi


Sun Parakeet ENDANGERED (population: 1000 - 2,499), Anonymous


African Lion VULNERABLE (population: 20,000), Frankie


Red Deer LEAST CONCERN (population: INCREASING), Amy and Skyla


Black Bearded Saki ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Logan and Mum


Coastal Peacock Spider UNCLASSIFIED (population: UNKNOWN), Kaiser and Mum 


Koala VULNERABLE (population: 100,000 - 500,000), Ellianna


African Lion VULNERABLE (population: 20,000), Cora age 11


Small Tortoiseshell UNSPECIFIED (BAP Species), Tori


Iberian Lynx ENDANGERED (population: 156), Mary


Gyrfalcon LEAST CONCERN (population: 20,000 - 49,999), Fraizer


Western Chimpanzee ENDANGERED (population: 18,000 - 65,000), Felicity age 5


Green Turtle ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Imarah age 8


Green Turtle ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Alison Taylor


Small Tortoiseshell UNSPECIFIED (BAP Species), Mabel


West African Giraffe VULNERABLE (population: 100,000), Lola-Rose


Bower's Parrotfish NEAR THREATENED (population: UNKNOWN), Harley


Indo-Pacific Finless Porpoise VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Ella Mae


Cheetah VULNERABLE (population: 6,674), Drew


Scarlet Macaw LEAST CONCERN (population:DECREASING), Ryan age 3


Tiger ENDANGERED (population: 2,154 - 3,159), Florence age 5

 African Savanna Elephant VULNERABLE (population: 415,000), Isabella age 7


Atlantic Puffin RED (UK) VULNERABLE (Global) (population: 580,000 pairs), Isabella age 7


 Reindeer VULNERABLE (population: 2,890,400), Isabella age 7


Aye-aye ENDANGERED (population: UNKNOWN), Gabriel


Greater Prairie Chicken NEAR THREATENED (population: 360,000), Scarlet


Eurasian Red Squirrel ENDANGERED UK (population: 140,000), Scarlet


Red Wolf CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: 9), Paul Donnelly


Cheetah VULNERABLE (population: 6,674), Harriett age 7



Pebas Stubfoot Toad VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Harriett age 7


Atlantic Puffin RED (UK) VULNERABLE (Global) (population: 580,000 pairs), Harriett's Father


Horsfield's Tarsier VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Grace


Atlantic Puffin RED (UK) VULNERABLE (Global) (population: 580,000 pairs), Nicola, Grace's Mother


Small Tortoiseshell UNSPECIFIED (BAP Species), Lucy


Fiji Crested Iguana CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: 12,000 - 14,000), Theo

 Tiger ENDANGERED (population: 2,154 - 3,159), Sacha and Grandpa


Small Tortoiseshell UNSPECIFIED (BAP Species), Gracie age 9


Western Chimpanzee ENDANGERED (population: 18,000 - 65,000), Lynsay


Small Tortoiseshell UNSPECIFIED (BAP Species), Lynsay


Red Deer LEAST CONCERN (population: INCREASING), Anis


Ocean Sunfish VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Emma


Radiated Tortoise CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: UNKNOWN), Jenna


28 October 2021

As part of Great North Museum: Hancock's Marine Day, Jane was invited to deliver a drop-in wildlife Biro drawing workshop in Living Planet Gallery. Visitors, including children from age 2 upwards, parents, grandparents and guardians, created drawings of marine species some of which are critically endangered, endangered, vulnerable and near threatened such as the White Shark, Hawksbill Turtle and Galapagos Sea Lion.

Also included to draw in this workshop were some weird and wonderful sea creatures such as the Blue Sea Dragon, Peacock Mantis Shrimp, Pompom Crab, Sea Angel, Shame-faced Crab, Leafy Seadragon, Flamingo Tongue Seasnail, Yeti Crab, Bigfin Squid, Glowing Sucker Octopus, and a new species previously unknown to science, the Stingcat, discovered by Rosa.


Sharks are vital to the health of our oceans and the eco-systems they inhabit, yet around 100 million sharks are killed every year. Sharks are threatened by the global fishing industry, caught for their body parts and as bycatch by aggregating devices or illegal drift nets while fishing for other species, as well as hunting for sport, beach protection programs and pollution. Shark species have declined by 70% over the last 50 years. Every country has a role to play in shark conservation, ensuring ocean sanctuaries are created to protect sharks. Humans are guests in sharks domain yet our respect for and understanding of our hosts is often clouded by folklore and media misrepresentation. Many shark species are drifting towards extinction and we may soon lose these beautiful creatures from our oceans.

Show sharks some love:

  • Don't use shark products
  • Reduce your seafood consumption
  • Recycle and reduce plastic consumption
  • Tell others, including on social media, about the threats to sharks 
  • Donate to shark organisations 

Common Bottlenose Dolphin LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Phoebe


Leafy Seadragon LEAST CONCERN (population: DECREASING), Laura Gosset, Head of Education, Born Free


Green Turtle ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Martin, Sussex

Bigfin Squid DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Oliver


Ocellate Octopus DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Hayden


Green Turtle ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Emmie

Ocellate Octopus DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Jamaymah

 Ocean scene Lewis age 6


Living Planet Gallery Collection Alexis


Mandarinfish LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Angela


Various ocean speciesAmberlilly age 8


Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Amelie


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Max

 Pompom Crab LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Sharon


Blue Whale ENDANGERED (population: 5,000 - 15,000), Harry age 7


Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Isla age 5


Ocean scene Kaitlyn

 White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Emily age 2


Green Turtle ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Abby age 8


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Aidan age 5


Glowing Sucker Octopus Stauroteuthis syrtensis DATA DEFICIENT(population: UNKNOWN), Dorothy 


Pufferfish LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Madeleine

Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING) Jess and Anna's Mother


Peacock Mantis Shrimp Odontodactylus scyllarus DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Jess

 Hawksbill Turtle CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Theo age 5


Common Bottlenose Dolphin LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Daisy 

 White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Katie


Peacock Mantis Shrimp Odontodactylus scyllarus DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Ariella age 4


Bluespotted Lagoon Ray LEAST CONCERN (population: INCREASING), Elijah age 8


Picasso Triggerfish LEAST CONCERN (population: INCREASING), Lee M.


Hawksbill Turtle CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Portia


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Freddie


Galathea Pilosa Squat Lobster DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Harriet


Horned Ghost Crab DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Nancy


Narwhal LEAST CONCERN (population: 123,000), Hannah


Study of museum collection, Grayson age 7


Galapagos Sea Lion ENDANGERED (population: 9,200 - 10,600), Cillian


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Ian


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Lily-mai


Picasso Triggerfish LEAST CONCERN (population: INCREASING), Bethany


Peacock Mantis Shrimp Odontodactylus scyllarus DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Hamdan


Bluespotted Lagoon Ray LEAST CONCERN (population: INCREASING), Wadan


Sunflower Starfish CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: 80,627,721), Lilly-Rose


Flamingo Tongue Snail DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN) Keira

Picasso Triggerfish LEAST CONCERN (population: INCREASING), Hani

Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING) Florence 


Leopard Seal LEAST CONCERN (population: 18,000) Lily age 4


Giant Pacific Octopus LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN) Omar


Giant Pacific Octopus LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Nancy


Stingcat discovered 28 October 2021 by Rosa


Southern Right Whale LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN) Logan

 Pufferfish LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Natashia


Clarion Angelfish VULNERABLE (population: STABLE), Pufferfish LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), 
Leopard Seal LEAST CONCERN (population: 18,000), 
Narwhal LEAST CONCERN (population: 123,000), Emily


Hawksbill Turtle CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Ellie


Sockeye Salmon LEAST CONCERN (population: STABLE), 
Narwhal LEAST CONCERN (population: 123,000), Miles

Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Olivia P.


Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Isla


Whale Shark ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Evie


Green Humphead Parrotfish VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Annie


Giant Pacific Octopus LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Kyle


Whale Shark ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Lexi


 Drawing of Living Planet Gallery collection, Millie

 Ocean Sunfish VULNERABLE, Pufferfish LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Daisy


Ocean scene with White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Callum

Ocean scene, Amelia


Sea Angel DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Lydia age 4


Common Bottlenose Dolphin LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Belinda B.


Crown Jellyfish DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Phoebe age 3


Clarion Angelfish VULNERABLE (population: STABLE), April 


Pufferfish LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Robyn


Common Bottlenose Dolphin LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Julie


Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Julie


Crown Jellyfish DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Elizabeth


Mandarinfish LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Elizabeth 


Hawksbill Turtle CRITICALLY ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Pufferfish LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Brooklyn


Clarion Angelfish VULNERABLE (population: STABLE), Madeleine


Horned Ghost Crab DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Anna


Ocellate Octopus DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Arthur age 7


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), artist age 4


Green Turtle ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Isabel age 6


Ocean Scene, Remy


Giant Pacific Octopus LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Fleur


Glowing Sucker Octopus Stauroteuthis syrtensis DATA DEFICIENT(population: UNKNOWN), young artist


Mandarinfish LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Juliet


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Beatrice 


Bower's Parrotfish NEAR THREATENED (population: UNKNOWN), young artist


Red Lionfish LEAST CONCERN (population: INCREASING), Sophia


Narwhal LEAST CONCERN (population: 123,000), Daddy and Jack age 3


Clarion Angelfish VULNERABLE (population: STABLE), Hollie


Narwhal LEAST CONCERN (population: 123,000), Molly


Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), James H.


Giant Pacific Octopus LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Maisey


Green Turtle ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Effy age 5


Galathea pilosa Squat Lobster DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Mason


Giant Pacific Octopus LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Freddie


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), young artist 


Giant Pacific Octopus LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), young artist


Shamefaced Crab Calappa granulata DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Anne Denton age 69


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Tarun D. 


Shamefaced Crab Calappa granulata DATA DEFICIENT (population: UNKNOWN), Lexi D. age 7


Ocean Scene with White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Lexi D. age 7

 Glowing Sucker Octopus Stauroteuthis syrtensis DATA DEFICIENT(population: UNKNOWN), Ellie


Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Hermione


Green Turtle ENDANGERED (population: DECREASING), Ellen


Leopard Seal LEAST CONCERN (population: 18,000), Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Chloe age 7


Picasso Triggerfish LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Isla E.


Common Bottlenose Dolphin LEAST CONCERN (population: UNKNOWN), Spiny Seahorse VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Isla E.


Narwhal LEAST CONCERN (population: 123,000) and Tyrannosaurus Rex, Frankie C.


Narwhal LEAST CONCERN (population: 123,000), Neive


White Shark VULNERABLE (population: DECREASING), Bradley J.